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'Revolutionising sustainability'

About us

Distinkt is a consultancy offering bespoke sustainability action plans and reports to hospitality businesses. It is setting the benchmarks of operational best practices for businesses and making sustainability accessible to as many businesses as possible.

We never sit still

Distinkt's mission is to support the development of a socially responsible and environmentally conscious businesses, that promote inclusivity, cultural vibrancy and community. Emphasizing, at all times, always furthering the four key elements of sustainability: environment, inclusivity, culture and community.

Our objective

Distinkt's objective is to help businesses become more sustainable, culturally, socially and environmentally.  Facilitating businesses, in their transition to greater environmental and social sustainability. This is achieved by Distinkt creating bespoke action plans for its clients and supporting them in their application of these.  The ultimate goal is to help businesses become as cohesive, collaborative, culturally and environmentally sustainable as possible.

Inclusivity and diversity

Inclusivity and diversity are important principles to Distinkt. Distinkt's action plans have embedded within them many aspects of social and cultural sustainability and are formulated to build inclusivity and broaden diversity using the core functionality of business, bringing people together.

Sustainability pledge

Distinkt believes it is the job of every business to play its part in creating a long-term, sustainable society.  By committing to the UN sustainable development goals, and creating a framework for the hospitality industry to do this (in compliance with ISO 14001), Distinkt aims to set the standard for sustainability best practice in the UK hospitality industry.

See how we're complying with the UN SDGs below. 

Goal 11

Goal 11 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals promotes sustainability and inclusivity within urban areas.  In facilitating businesses to create culturally and socially sustainable environments in which people can recreate, safe from prejudice, Distinkt is contributing to the achievement of Goal 11.  It is Distinkt’s belief that a sustainable, people-focused, approach is one of the corner stones of creating a diverse and thriving community.

Meet the team

Robert Bowey

Technical Director

Robert Bowey 009.jpg
  • LinkedIn

BA Human Geography graduate in 2022, Rob is passionate about sustainability and the improvement of the built environment. A motivated individual striving to make a positive geographical social and cultural change in the UK. Passionate about geography and politics, with adept public speaking skills. Rob is experienced in urban sustainability.

Chiara Wilson

Operational Director

Robert Bowey 011.jpg
  • LinkedIn

Music Business and Entrepreneurship graduate in 2022, Chiara is interested in commercial sustainability and the environment. She served as the ‘Environment and Sustainability officer’ for ICMP University and is experienced in the effective social implementation of sustainable policy and media portrayal of sustainable concepts. Chiara is driven to create positive sustainable change.

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