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Making your business a sustainability champion


A bit about us

Distinkt is an innovative start up sustainable consultancy that delivers economically and educationally accessible sustainability action plans that facilitate businesses in becoming more sustainable.


We make sustainability easy and exciting for your business

Distinkt are focused on provided economically and educationally accessible sustainability for all businesses.
Our services include:

Accessible sustainability action plans

Training and support packages

Sustainability management systems

Marka sustainability accreditation

Affordable sustainability reports

Make your business sustainable in 3 steps

Step 1

Consultation with one of our experts to examine the needs of your business.

What we stand for

Environmentally aware

Distinkt promotes sustainable practices to all businesses, ensuring they can operate more sustainably. Its objective is to make these issues more accessible, and meaningful, to businesses and their customers.

Championing inclusivity

Distinkt highlights inclusivity within its sustainability action plans, the goal being to support the creation of a vibrant and dynamic industry within which people, regardless of culture, gender, race or sexuality, can share great experiences. It is our aspiration that all businesses we work with will be socially equitable and provide an inclusive environment for their staff and customers.

Committed to culture

Local art and music are a key component of social and cultural sustainability. Ensuring that new artists have a place to showcase their talent breeds a culture of innovation and social progression. Unlike other organisations, Distinkt's action plans heavily focus on how businesses can become more socially and culturally progressive as well as socially and environmentally sustainable. 

Confident in community

Distinkt wants to build a community network with all its partners that provides an organic environment for sustainability to grow that directly involves customers. Forging a collaborative customer culture, with the hope of instilling a wide-scale positive social change in the public's relationships with businesses and sustainability. 

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